This Website shall be about Religions and the ONE GOD

This website will be concerned with religions and the One God that is worshipped by them, it shall present ideas that there is only one God, and it is the same God that all of these religions worship.

With Love and Wisdom, the Truth of Reality will prevail.

many religions, one goal

Many Roads, One Destination

Many Religions...One God


     Most of the world has a belief in something, mostly spiritually, all of the worlds religions have one major flaw in common with each other and they also have a truth and or wisdom that is their redeeming factor that allows humanity to follow them, these Religions are based on what the specific scriptures say which with they are based, and the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all written by Man.


It is true that some of these men have been prophets, prophets that have had some enlightened guidance that gave them the ability to express such wisdom and profound truths, some of these prophets did not even transcribe their own scriptures, they were actually written down by other men, and this is not to mention the scriptures that have been changed by the specific governments that happened to be in power at the time, which also needed to express their beliefs.


This supreme Entity that has enlightened these Prophets over the ages is one in the same, no matter what name someone wants to call this God is of no real importance, the important part is that this omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient power is one and the same in all religions, it can even be thought of as an all pervading energy with an intelligence as in the Tao,


this intelligence has seen to the task of informing all of the occupants of it's worlds of it's existence through the use of Prophets and enlightened individuals, this word that has been spread for millinea and has been from many cultures of many languages of many parts of the world,


all of these cultures seem to have been given a different part of the puzzle as which would help to explain why these beliefs seem to differ so much, but just this is not the only reason why there are such great differences,


of course each country and each Religion seems to want to be the One Truth in all of this, they are discounting the fact that this all pervading intelligence is perfection that encompasses all that is, all that has been manifested was done so out of the LOVE for all that there is, there are no exclusions, or omissions, which would indicate a mistake,


and that could not possibly be for PERFECTION, what single Religion or Race or culture could be so arrogant as to think that they are the only true children of God? It sure seems to put a limitation on an all knowing entity, it seems like the ultimate oxymoron,


this all encompassing force doesn't make mistakes and all of it's creations are included in the word that is being spread, this great all pervading power that has created the universe and all that is in it, has also seen to giving all of mankind FREE WILL, this is a great thing, but it has also been one of the factors that has colored our scriptures with unnecessary Maya and dogma that has plagued humanity.


Due to the duality of mankind, there is a monkey wrench in the works so to say, that has colored the worlds scriptures to add fear, superstition, hate and evil among other less that wholesome emotions, beliefs and attitudes,


these prophets and enlightened individuals were given the wisdom and truth, but have added their own mortal two cents by exercising their FREE WILL and coloring these true facts with the dogma of their era, to cause people to be fearful if they were not to heed these wise words.


This so called EVIL and superstition has created Devils and Hells that are not at all necessary, the evil and Devils are products of our own duality, they are a potential part of us if we allow them to exist, they are of our false personality that is not spiritual, but based on material aspirations, the visceral parts of us that depend on the senses for their existence,


if you think on it at all you will realize that all of the good in life is spiritual and all of the bad is based on material, if you take the seven deadly sins and weigh them against the 7 virtues you will see that they can be separated as if they are from different personalities.


If there had to be an analogy for hell, it would have to be how the bad karma that was accumulated in a certain lifetime would have to be paid for or atoned for in another lifetime which could be considered hell.


Until this duality is dealt with, mankind will continue to reincarnate until it is learned that the Free Will we are given is to be used and controlled for good, as long as our Free Will is not used to deny anyone else s Free Will or to do evil, That will be a large step in the right direction,


and when mankind realizes that all of these God given religions have been given to all of humanity to share with each other as so we may learn and to see this all knowing power's BIG picture meant for all of us to unite and be enlightened.


If you think that God created only one religion and forgot about about the rest of the world, get over yourself, Humility is a virtue.

I think that another problem with religion is that these so called believers are lacking true conviction of their faiths, they are not giving this supreme, all knowing, all pervading power enough credit, they seem to have limited beliefs in the capabilities of their supreme maker of all that exists and will exist.


Besides creating our earth and everyone on it, our solar system, our galaxy and the uncountable billions of galaxies in our visible universe, this supreme entity or force wants ALL of us to know of it's existence, why else would it create and enlighten all of the individuals from history in various parts of the globe like Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao Tze, Jesus, Mohammad and every other named and unnamed author of every scripture in existence,


how could it even be considered that IT would miss or discount or deny any individual on the entire planet, especially if they were all created in the image of this most powerful omnipotent force that has ever been or will be.


This arrogance of humanities Religions may prove to be the down fall of our species and even our planet. It seems to be plain common sense, that every belief of every country has been touched by this all pervading power or force,


if all of us were to make the effort to attempt to combine our spiritual fragments, to try to bridge the language barrier of the world's beliefs and join together and compare notes with a logical amount of discrimination aimed at our various scriptures, we can remove the waste of war and the fear generated by our unfounded Maya and destructional dogma.


This spiritual process seems to incorporate (The wisdom of the crowd Principle) where when the beliefs of many are combined and averaged out, a conglomeration of "truth" as it is is revealed to incorporate a bit of all of the beliefs,


if for simplicities sake we take the top 13 to 15 religions and non religions of the world, which is about 95% of humanity, you will find by keeping only the best parts, that is the parts that do not en-sight fear or involve the seven deadly sins or break any of the commandments, while using a realistic amount of discrimination at the same time, a logical result can be achieved, which not only would explain some of the discrepancies of the various scriptures, but also explain a viable procession to reality.

To be perfectly fair to all beliefs and non beliefs, if for instance you were to take a smaller religion, such as Scientology and try to find an original important factor that is not necessarily recognized in another religion, even though the amount of believers, kind of vacillate up and down around 25,000 people, there is a valuable process of auditing which has valuable benefits towards revealing the spiritually in people otherwise hidden,


this avenue taken to stimulate the spiritual side of a personality is very valuable in all belief systems, and then there are the religions such as Juche which has 19 million people, this may be a bit more difficult as this religion is not considered religious by many, and more economic, and more than that, it is of mostly a specific country (North Korea), be that as it may, there is a base belief that all nations should be treated as equals, which is a truely fair reasoning and many ideals are taken from Confucius, which is considered a wise man throughout many cultures.


So Jainism has a basic respect for all living things and zoroastrianism has a great respect for the earth, almost the first ecological based religion,


Baha'i has started to get the right idea by combining religions, but they have stopped short by not including all religions or beliefs and have denied the complete participation of women in all areas of this belief system and their prophet base should be enlarged to also accept Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu and quite a few others if there is a true intention to bring the world together.


A non religion that seems to have a interesting approach is the Rosicrucian's, they are close to Buddhism, but they add an air of mysticism and practice to use these Cosmic powers that we have been given for good and with good intentions, they are careful to avoid mentioning God, which allows people of specific churches or faiths to be able to be members.


Unfortunately, with all of our scriptures and Religions, we have out of control emotions to match, people only believe in Free Will if it's their own, you can believe what you want as long as it's what I believe.

If one day, Humanity will accept that everyone has a right to believe as they wish and we will embrace our differences to the extent that that not just tolerance will be a common day experience, but we will all learn the Truth of reality, that we are all part of one, that we are all truly our Fathers children and we ALL have eternal life and always have,


when we all start to practice some discrimination in our scriptures and reason of our own accords that every word that we read is not the word of God, and reason for our selves that all of the good is true and all of the bad is a fabrication of man's false personality, done to color our scriptures with fear and superstition, when we are able to filter the dogma from gospel, the Maya from truth, we will truly be on our way to bliss, all we have to do is SEEK and we shall find, ASK and we shall receive.


All of our wonderful scriptures have wonderful stories to explain to us right from wrong, by giving examples of situations that may have happened, it really doesn't matter if these situations that are being explained really happened or not, they are written for us to ponder and reason to activate our moral compass, the violence, death, revenge and punishments are not intended to be acted out by us, they are examples that we are supposed to use to learn from our mistakes.


Religious Manifestation

 May Be WE have Grown past Religion


With the world in such great strife, the so called Holy wars against whoever doesn't believe the way we do, It may be time to embrace something different, possibly a universal ideal that we can all agree on that will end all of the hate and greed...something like Love?


Or at least we can distill our beliefs by filtering out some if not most of the dogma. We may not be able to grow past religion, but we can certainly become more tolerant of other religions,


we can all still practice our free will as long as we allow others to practice their free will, if we insist on keeping our dogma, we can at least let our perspective deities condemn the infidels or non believers instead of taking the matters into our own hands.


There are still beliefs that have refused to embrace the dogmas of religion for the most part, they are of Gnostic origin, the hermetic teachings are still believed to be mostly pseudo scientific even though as time and technology progresses, aspects of this belief system are being proven scientifically on a somewhat regular basis,


just as in every religion, these ideas have been transcribed by man with man's superstition and dogmas of the era's having their input, even to it's seemingly lesser degree, our discrimination and intuitions will help sift through this valuable information to add our probable beliefs.


     Although it may be an impossibility to dispose of Religion all together, a better alternative would be to take only the good from all of the religions and use those as a base for a belief system that can be civil at a world wide scale,


this is already happening, you may notice that when you search on the internet about different aspects of a particular religion, certain keywords are common to more than one religion,


and you are led to something that you did not expect, deep down you know this is not a mistake, God or the Tao has made this natural flow of knowledge specifically in this way as to bring us all together,


just compare how many faiths practice the 7 virtues and then take notice how many practice the 7 deadly sins, you will ultimately notice that people are mostly making decisions in God's name and not the other way.


By now it must start to become obvious that religion needs to cooperate, it shouldn't be considered a competition, rather it should be a public education where no religion is excluded.


The secret passages shouldn't need to be decoded, the women and bisexual or transsexual or what ever lifestyle shouldn't be excluded,


the apparent strict rules, shouldn't be so strict, the exclusions of race, creed, sex, social status and heredity should be always included,


the myopic views of the devout should be replaced by the universal ideas of the all, and freedom of choice should surpass all else, only then will religion have any true worth.


     All of this confusion about religion makes it seem that there would be many more Atheists out there than there really are, Positivism, is a scientific take on religion that is seemingly way too material,


positivists will look at all supernatural phenomena in sort of pure scientific way where if something cannot be explained scientifically, it just didn't happen in the first place, any so called miracles have to be witnessed by scientists and thoroughly tested and retested before any conclusions could possibly be made,


this is all well and fine, but the miracles are a function of faith most of the time and the scientific process cannot be viable in a situation where a person with a possible soul is a part of the experiment,


the scientific process works well when it comes to Material things that can be perceived by the senses, but cannot be used on the un perceivable or un manifested that has no way of accounting for something that can not be proven as of yet.


Instead of this competition among beliefs, a tolerance should be developed. If religion is not going to accept any other views or ideas about beliefs other than their own, at least a live and let live attitude must be maintained to keep the peace in the world.


I don't know about you, but I have my own views about reality and don't pay much attention to other views, This should be the worse case scenario on our planet, instead of the holy wars and terrorism,


we should have discussions instead of arguments about our faiths, if we have any competition, it should be about how loving and compassionate and charitable our religions are.


How can this be so horribly hard to do? Why not show an interest in the other religions and compare the similarities between them instead of the differences.


Religion, God's gift to humanity to give us a chance to know our reality of existence, we have been here before, civilization is not new to this planet,


even though through our arrogance we believe that humanity's civilized existence is only a few thousand years old, we have been taught that 10,000 years ago we were nothing more than primitive tribes,


yet these ancient cities that are being found in the bottoms of our oceans must be prior to our ice age, and I suspect that humanity has known of God many times,


being fought over and forgotten and abused and corrupted where God's children have proven to be oblivious to the truth of their existence and have continued a reverence of their material goods and forsaken God and all of God's creation has been abused and harvested and polluted to the extent where it seems to be most prudent to send an asteroid or comet fragment to it's creation and start anew.